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 Mission: Provide environmental and cultural experiential learning opportunities to multi-ethnic, underserved communities on a local, national and international levels.

Vision: Empower individuals and communities with knowledge and resources to create stewards of the environment and social change while promoting peace and cultural understanding.


  • Provide opportunities for youth and

adults to learn about environmental issues

(community, national and global) and provide

resources and knowledge to address these

issues and support to implement community-

based projects.

• Engage youth and adults, specifically

in under-served communities in learning

about local and international issues and

cultures through free and/or low-cost

accessible programming.

• Partner with local, state, national

and international institutions to develop

and implement programming to increase

utilization of their programing and

resources for communities.

• Through innovative and engaging

programs provide a springboard for

communities to engage in environmental

efforts, while developing a global

understanding and appreciation for various cultures.

• Facilitate national and international cultural and environmental opportunities for participants through providing outreach on and writing/fundraising assistance for current national and international experiential learning and/or volunteer programs on culture and the environment.


In 2009 IPI relocated to Washington, DC and began implementing community based programming including free language and culture programming in under-served communities in Washington, DC with support from various partners.

​In 2011 IPI entered into a partnership with the National Park Service in Washington, DC to facilitate the coordination of various programming aimed at increasing diversity  and community engagement in national parks globally which resulted in the expansion of the Lotus and Water Lily Cultural and Environmental Festival. 

As of 2023 IPI has worked in the United States, South Africa and others with myriad of environmental, international and community based partners in an effort to create global environmental and cultural stewards that are empowered to make positive changes in their local, national and global communities. 


Washington, DC, USA (Headquarters)

Chicago, IL USA


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