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Infinite Possibilities International begin in 2002 when Laura Washington studied abroad in South Africa and saw a need to connect academic and monetary resources of international students at the University of Stellenbosh with some of the youth in the nearby Kayamandi Township. This need launched, a school fees and schools supply sponsorship program, the Kayamandi Scholars program now run by Prochorus a local NGO. 

A partnership with Tuskegee University, College of Environmental, Agricultural and Natural Sciences, resulted in a sustainable yield of donations of the Kayamandi Scholars program and also resulted in IPI's Learn and Serve Abroad Program. This program connects youth, students and professionals with opportunities to learn and serve internationally in the fields of environment, agriculture, community development and education. 


In 2009 IPI relocated to Washington, DC and began implementing community based programming including free language and culture programming in under-served communities in Washington, DC with support from various partners.

​In 2011 IPI entered into a partnership with the National Park Service in Washington, DC to facilitate the coordination of various programming aimed at increasing diversity  and community engagement in national parks globally which resulted in the expansion of the Lotus and Water Lily Cultural and Environmental Festival. 

As of 2016, IPI has implemented programs in three countries and has affiliates in five countries working with myriad of environmental, international and community based partners in an effort to create global environmental and cultural stewards that are empowered to make positive changes in their local, national and global communities. 


Washington, DC, USA (Headquarters)

Chicago, IL USA


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