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Culture, Nature, Community Series

This series which initiates with the Annual National Park Service's Lotus and Water Lily Festival consists of a series of community-based programs that take place on-site and in the field (nature) that focus on the intersection of IPI's central mission culture, nature and community.

Green Communities

This program works with diverse communities to educate them on environmental issues affecting them, empower them with resources to address them and facilitate community-designed greening projects including tree-plantings, rain garden installations and others. It also includes the faciliation of environmental experiences for all.

Global Citizen Program

This program promotes and faciliates opportunities to people to learn about culture and nature internationally while providing much needed knowledge and resources to communities in these countries through various community-based projects. 

Ready to Learn

​Participants in the Ready to Learn program are provided information, resources and often mentorship to assist them in attaining  quality higher education in the United States and abroad. Resources include scholarship assistance, writing-workshops and internship placement assistance.

Your Community Program....

Youthth Watershed Stewards

​Tell us about environmental , cultural or social needs in your community. We would love to work with you to develop a program to support your needs!YWS is a partnership with the another NGO which educates and engages community members on researching environmental issues in their communities for which funding is provided to design and implement stormwater BMPs in their communities. This program will lauch in Fall of 2017.


Go Global Project

This project, initiated in partnership with the cultural organizations curates environmental experiences for people of various nationalities which educating them on local environmental issues.

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